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To make your stay really feel like a trip back in time, we have set up an AM radio broadcasting station inside Olde Surber Station that recreates the golden age of radio. This low-power AM radio station broadcasts historic music, comedy, mysteries and dramas from the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

We have two vintage AM radios receivers, one in the parlor and one in the kitchen, that you can tune to receive our AM station. Even better, you can choose from a wide variety of programs to listen to throughout your stay. We have over 2400 hours of great programs.

Here are just a few listening suggestions:

The War of the Worlds
On Halloween night, Sunday October 30, 1938 from 8:00 to 9:00 pm, the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) broadcast the Mercury Theatre's presentation of H.G. Wells "The War of the Worlds." The narrator and director was Orson Wells and his incredibly suspenseful version of the story was so realistic it caused widespread panic on the east coast of the US. You can tune in and listen to the original broadcast (if you dare). Then stay tuned and listen to "H.G. Wells meets Orson Wells" a live broadcast of the meeting beween the writer of "The War of the Worlds." This is followed by "Theater of the Imagination" a commentary about the genius of Orson Wells. Listening time: 1 hr 46 mins.

Just how shocking was it? Listen to those who experienced it.

September 21, 1939 WJVS Washington, D. C.
Turn on the radio exactly at 6:00 am in the morning and listen to the entire broadcast day of this typical radio station, in real time. (Or wait until a more reasonable time and be a couple hours off - it's still fun!) You'll listen to Arthur Godfrey, numerous soap operas, dramas, comedies, music, news, and President Roosevelt's Address to Congress. It's a typical day in the month that Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II. Listening time: 19 hrs. (6:00 am to 1:00 am) Click here for the programming schedule.

Spend June 6, 1944 (D-Day ) at home glued to the radio
You may have seen the movies "Saving Private Ryan" and the "The Longest Day" which depict the allied invasion of Hitler's "Fortress Europe" on June 6, 1944 from the soldiers' points of view, but did you ever think what it was like for your grandparents as they sat at home glued to the radio praying that our boys would make it through that fateful day? Well here's your chance. You can listen to the entire broadcast on the day that changed the world. Listening time: 23 hrs 45 mins. The following day, visit the National D-Day Memorial in nearby Bedford, VA. Then come "home" and listen that night to the songs of World War II on our vintage AM radios.

Lucky Strike presents "Your Hit Parade"
This top-10 musical variety show started in 1935 and lasted for twenty years (the last five as a television program). It was arguably the most listened to radio show ever. It featured many famous singers. During and after World War II, Frank Sinatra was a singing host of the show and Doris Day was also a regular. We have many episodes of this wonderful musical broadcast which we're sure you will love.

Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show
Our own Jack Lewis hosts a radio show that features the music of unsigned bluegrass, old time and gospel music bands. Jack discusses their style of playing and lets you know where to go to hear these bands live. His show has received rave reviews for its educational and entertainment value. There are 26 one-hour episodes for your listening enjoyment.

Orson Wells broadcasting "The War of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells, October 30th 1938.

Arthur Godfrey

D-Day June 6, 1944

Lucky Strike presents "Your Hit Parade

Jack's "Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show" has received rave reviews.


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