Chesapeake and Ohio Craig Valley  Branch circa 1930's

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Lewis Genealogies

These extensive databases were created by Jack Lewis (excerpted from the book below) and Don Lewis in 1999. In addition to the Lewis Family, the databases contain numerous other families including the Surbers. Carol Lewis' maiden name is Surber.

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Lewis Family Book

The Lewis Family of Oliphant Furnance Pennsylvania is more than just a genealogy. It is a warmly told and richly illustrated autobiographical history of a coal mining family reared during the Great Depression and the Second World War in a small company "patch" located in the coal and coke regions of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. They and their descendants weave a unique fabric that tells what it was like growing up in a coal patch and the steel towns along the Ohio River near Pittsburgh. The book captures extraordianry details of the lives of the writers and provides an entertaining insight into a warm and loving American family. In PDF format (27.3 MBytes)

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Joseph Paul Lewis and the 1st West Virgina Cavalry

A History of Joseph Paul Lewis and the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry is pamphlet written by Jack W. Lewis. Jack, a lover of horses, discoverd his surname great grandfather had been in the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry during the American Civil War (War Between the States as they say down south). The pamphlet follows this famous volunteer cavalry regiment from the time Joseph Paul Lewis joined the regiment in August of 1863, just after the regiment fought at Gettyburg, to the end of the war. The regiment saw lots of action in the Shenandoah Valley and became part of General Armstrong Custer's famous Third Calvary Division that managed to get in front of, and stop, General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virgina at Appomatox Court House on April 8, 1965. This is fast thrilling reading. In PDF format (0.9 MBytes)

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Modeling Engineering Systems

Modeling Engineering Systems is a technical book written by Jack W. Lewis. It's about the fundamentals of engineering that Jack thinks all engineers should know. The subject matter was taken from a number of core courses Jack had while doing graduate work at MIT and from his days of running an engineering consulting firm. The book remains popular with young engineers and especially those engineers who need to brush up on, or gain a better understanding of, the fundamentals of automatic control systems.

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View of 1830's log house

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1890s parlor


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